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deep fill

drillable when dry


  • ideal for gaps around light switches, sockets & deeper repairs

  • suitable for interior & exterior use

  • highly durable

  • easy to apply and sand

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handymate deep-fill is a ready-to-use filler designed for filling deep holes up to 20mm in one application without slumping. it can be sanded to a smooth finish and will not shrink or crack.

areas of use

handymate deep-fill will surface dry in 1-2 hours depending on thickness and temperature.

  • suitable for interior and exterior repairs up to 20mm in thickness.
  • ideal for deeper repairs around light sockets & window frames.


  1. ensure surfaces and holes are clean, dry and free from dust and loose material. prime any exposed nail / screw heads with a suitable metal primer prior to application.
  2. mix handymate deep-fill to a smooth consistency before use.
  3. apply in layers of up to 20mm per coat allowing each layer to dry before overcoating.
  4. lightly sand to a fine finish when dry.
  5. paintable with most emulsion paints when dry.
  6. handymate deep-fill is drillable and will accept nails and screws once fully dry.
  7. clean tools with water after use.
  8. store in a cool, dry place. protect from frost and extremes of temperature. check packaging for expiry date. once opened, packs may have limited storage life.

please note: do not expose to rain or water until fully dry.

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