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multi-purpose filler

30% more coverage* than conventional fillers


  • crack & shrink resistant

  • easy to apply & sand

  • drillable when dry

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handymate multi-purpose filler is a ready-to-use, lightweight filler for interior and exterior use. the product has excellent adhesion to most common substrates and will not crack or shrink.

areas of use

handymate multi-purpose filler will surface dry in 2- 4 hours depending on thickness and temperature.

  • ideal for repair of masonry, brick, concrete, plaster and plasterboard.
  • suitable for interior and exterior repairs of up to 10mm in thickness.
  • drillable when fully dry.
  • paintable with most emulsion paints when dry.


  1. ensure surfaces and holes are clean, dry and free from dust and loose material. prime any exposed nail / screw heads with a suitable metal primer prior to application.
  2. mix handymate multi-purpose filler to a smooth consistency before use.
  3. apply in layers up to 10mm per coat allowing each layer to dry before overcoating.
  4. apply final layer slightly proud of surrounding surface and sand smooth when fully dry. please note: do not expose to rain or water until fully dry.
  5. clean tools with water after use.
  6. store in a cool, dry place. protect from frost and extremes of temperature. check packaging for expiry date. once opened, packs may have limited storage life.

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