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nail hole filler

changes colour from pink to white when dry


  • ideal for use on gypsum board, plaster & wood

  • zero shrinkage

  • invisible repair once painted

  • no sanding required

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Nail Hole Filler


handymate nail hole filler is a ready-to-use, super lightweight filler for filling interior nail holes up to a thickness of 50mm per coat. this product uses an advanced non-shrink formulation which dries to a smooth surface. handymate nail hole filler is specially formulated with a dry-time indicator and is applied as a pink paste which dries white indicating its readiness for painting.

areas of use

handymate nail hole filler will surface dry in 30-60 minutes depending on thickness and temperature.

  • designed for one-shot nail hole repairs in plaster, gypsum board and wood that is intended to be painted.
  • paintable with most emulsion paints when dry.


  1. ensure surfaces and holes are clean, dry and free from dust and loose material. prime any exposed nail / screw heads with a suitable metal primer prior to application.
  2. mix handymate nail hole filler to a smooth consistency before use.
  3. apply in layers of up to 50mm for non-shrink filling of nail holes working from the centre of the hole outwards to avoid dragging the filler loose from the sides.
  4. allow to fully dry between coats.
  5. clean tools with water after use.
  6. store in a cool, dry place. protect from frost and extremes of temperature. check packaging for expiry date. once opened, packs may have limited storage life.

please note: not suitable for drilling. handymate nail hole filler does not require sanding and should be levelled to the desired finish while wet.

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