we have solutions for all your repair needs


handymate interior products are ideal for house and business owners who need general repairs to be carried out in their premises. our wide range of interior products can be used for bathroom, kitchen, board jointing, substrate repairs, nail hole filling, etc. check out the range of interior diy products from handymate below:


handymate offers a wide range of outdoor repair solutions which can be used for majority of repair applications. the simple, ready to use, diy products are ideal for performing masonry repairs for most substrates, fills holes and gaps on the exterior surface, skim walls for painting and can be drillable. the exterior range of products are suitable for use on masonry, concrete, plasters, plasterboards, brick, mortar, etc.

filling & repair

handymate products for filling & repairs offer high quality, long lasting repair solutions for cracks, gaps or holes in interior and exterior areas. handymate products can be applied on a wide variety of surfaces offering unique features that cater to all your diy requirements.

bathroom & kitchen

handymate products for bathrooms and kitchens are ideal for repair works in wet areas ranging from filling cracks, holes or gaps on different surfaces. these products are long lasting, water resistant and do not shrink or crack once applied.

flexible gap filling

handymate flexible filler is ideal for repair works on gaps along window & door frames and skirting boards where a permanently flexible joint is required. handymate flexible filler offers long life flexibility and adhesion and can be used for interior and exterior repairs.